Lore & War Phase 1


Lore & War Turn-Based Tactics with Real Time Elements. Objective Move the character to each structure's door in the village from left to right to initiate combat sequences. Controls: Explore Phase: WASD to move the character Combat Phase: Each turn, select your units and perform actions to defeat the enemy units. Camera controls are WASD [...]

Tower Of Truth


Tower of Truth (In Progress) Tower of Truth is an auto-combat roleplaying game.  The player has the ability to make choices in dialog, party formation, and item enhancements. However, they are not an active participant in the combat portions of the game. The outcome of these battles is [...]

Submarine Adventure


Submarine Adventure This project was a design submission for the Unity & Lego Ideas one-button contest. Contest Information: Here Play Game: Here Controls The player will use the SPACE button to alternate the direction of the submarine to collect crystals and maneuver around obstacles they encounter. Gameplay Video [...]

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